Project Updates

Virtually Enhanced Languages –
Project updates

March 2107

  • Panelist and presentation at 2017 Symposium on Taiwan Estonia Research Cooperation (TWEE)
  • Further details here

February 2107

  • Presentation at the Better Teaching, Better learning Showcase: Educating for the future
  • Further details here

November 2106

  • Visit to Chinese Island by Dr Dali Tan and Associate Professor Greg Perrier from the Northern Virgina Community College to learn more about the VEL approach to learning and to discuss possible collaboration
  • Further details here and here

November 2106

  • Enhancing Language Learning Effectiveness LCNAU mini-conference at DFSL (Defence Forces School of Languages)
  • Further details here

November 2106

  • Visit by Isabel Yanjun Wang, Lecturer, School of Humanities in the Faculty of Arts, University of Tasmania to discuss collaboration
  • Further details here

October 2106

  • Visit by Yan Zhao, Lecturer, Chinese Studies, University of Southern Queensland to observe live classes and discuss collaboration
  • Further details here

August 2106

  • China Road International Conference presentation
  • Further details here

January 2106

  • Presentation at the Monash University Business School Cool Tools for Teaching Showcase
  • Further details here

August 2105

  • VEL demonstration workshop @ Monash University, Saturday 29 August 2015
  • Further details here

April 2105

March 2105

February 2105

  • Final project report finished and submitted
  • Ongoing updates of resources

October/November 2014

  • Sharing Practice presentation at Ascilite 2014 in Dunedin, New Zealand, 3 – 6 November, 2014 (
  • Webinar to be held (details to be announced)
  • Data evaluation

September 2014

  • Meeting of the Virtual Worlds Working Group (Australia & New Zealand) in the VEL Demonstration region, 4 September 2014
  • Workshop successfully held at two Universities in Melbourne,
    RMIT University, 20 September 2014 and La Trobe University, 30 September 2014

A big thank you to all collaborating staff and students for their passionate participation! We are currently in the process of data evaluation. Outcomes will be presented shortly.

August 2014

  • First resources available on website (pedagogical and technical).
  • Workshop preparation.
  • Online VEL Demonstration region and VEL Sandbox region moved to ZetaWorlds grid (

July 2014

  • Online VEL Demonstration region and VEL Sandbox region established on OSgrid (
  • Workshop and Webinar preparation, ongoing survey evaluation.
  • Establishment of online 3D virtual learning environment demonstration region and sandbox region.
  • First transfer of full 3D virtual learning environment from SoaS (USB stick) to online multiuser grid conducted.
  • Proposal for demonstration workshop at Ascilite 2014 conference to be held in Dunedin, New Zealand, in November submitted for review.
  • Resources section of VEL project website set up. Trial shareable  resources made available and testing carried out.
  • Two online regions (VEL Demonstration and VEL Sandbox) set up and running in the cloud and connected to grid provider OSGrid.

May/June 2014

  • Survey on use of 3D learning environments developed and sent to introductory and intermediate level educators at tertiary institutions with Chinese language and culture programs around Australia.
  • Ongoing survey data evaluation.
  • Expressions of interest for face-to-face hands-n workshops and online webinars received.
  • Ongoing development of full OpenSim demonstration region on SoaS carried out.
  • Grid service provider for online OpenSim regions identified.
  • Commercial service provider responsible for setting up and maintaining Opensim regions in the cloud and connecting them to grid service provider identified and contract signed.

April 2014

  • Nation-wide investigation of the textbooks used by all introductory and intermediate level tertiary Chinese language and culture programs and the contents of those textbooks carried  out.
  • Content taught from these textbooks by each respective program identified and analysed and common themes and content that could form the basis of task-based language learning lessons in a 3D virtual learning environment identified.
  • Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS) environment for set up and tested for the development and running of full OpenSim demonstration region.

since March 2014

  • Development of resources (demonstration region, lesson plans)